Apr. 23rd, 2017

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 I marched for Science yesterday!  When I was in grad school, the teachers in my department made a big joke about the department turning out the lights when they were ready to retire.  Except that it wasn't a joke, and the department was dissolved and became a program, and then pretty much disappeared.  Turned out they had no sense of handing over a functional scholarly endeavor--it was more like they put one over on us all.  

And it feels like that is what the Koch brothers and the other "drill baby drill" folks are doing.  Using it up with no thought at all for the kids and grandkids who are going to need the planet when we are gone.  Worse, they push an apocalyptic agenda to convince their victims that the world is going to end anyway, so no need to worry about what happens to your grandkids.  

I am not religious in a traditional way, but I think about religion a lot.  And I think that this apocalyptic message is a perversion of religion to benefit a few old men who believe they can take it with them when they die.  They are in for a nasty shock.  But in the meantime, I will be out there with my feet on the pavement, fighting for the planet so our kids and grandkids have air to breath and water to drink, and a climate that supports human life.  It's easy to give up.  Harder to do the work, but the work has to get done anyway.  


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