Jan. 10th, 2017

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 I posted this a couple days ago to my private Facebook (mostly family, mostly boring stuff about shopping lists) but I thought it might be good to share it, because I think these are issues that are getting lost in the noise.  And as a writer, I stand with the artists who speak our truth to power.  And yes, I always say Voldemort.  I picked the brand I want to support.

When movie and TV people spoke out against Voldemort at the Golden Globes, I am sure there are people who said, "entitled coastal elites" and dismissed them out of hand. But everyone in that room was aware of the McCarthy hearings and the many people in the industry whose lives were destroyed not because they were communists, but because Joe McCarthy had a thing for movie stars and it was a way to make them come to him. And they know that McCarthy's lawyer was Voldemort's mentor. 

House UnAmerican Activities Hearings, of course, are a circus. While destroying lives for the fun of it, they pull attention from the other awful things the government slips under the radar of a celebrity-obsessed press. 

So those people put themselves on the line, on international TV, knowing all those things. People with huge careers, who maybe can afford to take the hit, drew the fire. People who maybe couldn't afford the hit, but couldn't afford to let things go down unchallenged, drew the fire. Becaue the last time, people let the threat silence them. It appears that this time they will not go down without a fight.


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