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 Back from crazy weekend with my sisters! Saw the Riverside Choral Society at Lincoln Center, which was wonderful. Then Come From Away on Sunday afternoon. I will write more about that tomorrow.

Highlight of the daylight hours: Mood to look at fabrics! My sister M sews and actually bought stuff to make some capris, but I went because I wanted to visit the fabric shop from Project Runway. it is crazy! It is upstairs in a building on 7th, so you have to take the elevator. We got there a minute or two before 10 and there was a line waiting for them to open and security guard to make sure that people didn't over-crowd the elevators.

There were three floors of every kind of fabric for clothes--I have never seen so much neoprene in one place! Most of the bolts of cloth were stacked on deep utilitarian shelves or propped like sheaves of wheat on the floor. But in one discreet corner, there was a section of suiting fabrics that were $120 a yard. The bolts were stored neatly on dark wood shelving, all very clubby. W.e did not shop in that section, but it was fun to see!

Next door was a Mood for home fabrics, for upholstery and draperies and such such. The only disappointment--I didn't get to see Swatch the dog!


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